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Hedy Lamarr(Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler , Vienna , 1915 – Miami , 2000) Austrian actress . The daughter of a Ukrainian born banker and a pianist of Hungarian descent, her childhood was spent in reputable boarding schools in Austria and Switzerland , where he acquired a solid formation completed the particular classes of governesses and teachers received personal . His early passion for drama managed to convince his father and family support were enrolled at the prestigious school of theater director Max Reinhardt.

Christened the stage names of Hedwig Hedy Kiesler and Kiesler , the young actress landed her first role in the film Geld auf der Straße (1930) by Georg Jacoby and small interventions tapes and Germanic and Czech production Die von Lindenau Blumenfrau (1931), Man braucht kein Geld (1931) or Die Koffer des Herrn O.F. (1931). In 1932 she traveled to Prague to star Ecstasy, Film directed by Gustav Machatý in which he presented one of the first and most famous nude film history . cost him a divorce from her first husband , but also had a resounding impact in Europe that opened wide the doors of Hollywood.

Hired by Metro Goldwyn Mayer, the still very young became Hedwig Kiesler Hedy Lamarr , the name chosen by Louis B. Mayer in honor of silent film star Barbara La Marr. The producer became the undisputed elegance sexy actress and redeemed the scandal, ” the fairest ” in American film debut with Algiers (1938) , a romantic drama by John Cromwell which starred Charles Boyer , one of the leading men of the time.

The new star of the Metro began and unstoppable you signed some of the most significant of the decade of the forties. He was previously protagonist Tracy Spencer That woman is mine (1939) of W.S. Van Dyke , shared cast with Robert Taylor The woman in the tropics (1939) Jack Conway and gave the female reply to the very Clark Gable Comrade X (1940) and King Vidor Boom Town (1940) , again under the command of Jack Conway.

Lamarr ‘s career continued on the orders of the most renowned directors of the time and with the main actors in Hollywood. I can not live without you (Clarence Brown, 1941), by James Stewart ; Ziegfeld Girl (Robert Z. Leonard, 1941) , again with Stewart , Judy Garland and Lana Turner; H.M. Corner Pulham (King Vidor , 1941) White Cargo (Richard Thorpe, 1942) or Life is like (Victor Fleming, 1942), sheltered by Spencer Tracy and John Garfield, confirmed the resounding success of the Austrian actress in the U.S. Billboard .

After the Second World War, the actress ‘s career began to stagnate and the Metro decided to ignore it. Unfortunately films like star rejected Casablanca or Gaslight and their work did not exceed acceptable until 1949 agreed to participate in the overproduction of Cecil B. DeMille, Samson and Delilah, with Victor Mature. The film was a resounding success and marked the first collaboration with producer Paramount Lamarr .

Then came the western Copper Canyon ( John Farrow , 1950) with Ray Milland and comedy My Favorite Spy (Norman Z. McLeod , 1951) , which co-starred with Bob Hope, although his star did not reach the brightness of the first films . In 1957 he said goodbye to the big screen with two films of little relevance The Story of Mankind and The Female Animal.

Away from the industry, struggled economic and saw the auction of all goods from his home in Beverly Hills. In 1966 he was charged with robbery at a supermarket , but eventually was acquitted , the publication that year of his autobiography Ecstasy and Me did not improve the image of someone who had been one of the most beautiful women in film history . The book picked up in minute detail the romantic and sexual scandals of actress and although Lamarr sued the publisher for distorting his eventful love life , Hollywood finally gave him back.

Despite the sad end of his life, the beautiful Austrian went down in history not only for his undoubted contribution to cinema but also for his discoveries in the field of military defense and telecommunications. avowed enemy of the Nazi regime during World War II devised , along with his friend, the composer George Antheil , a detection system guided torpedoes used in the race. Inspired by a musical principle , the invention worked with eighty- eight frequencies , equivalent to the keys on the piano and was capable of blowing up transmission signals between the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum . Once patented , the U.S. has first used during the crisis in Cuba and later as a basis for the development of missile defense techniques . Finally , he was given civil utility in the field of telecommunications.

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