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Humphrey BogartHumphrey DeForest Bogart was born on 23 January 1899 in New York City (United States), within an affluent family where he grew up without money problems.
His father DeForest Bogart was an important surgeon and his mother Maud was a popular magazine illustrator.

In principle the desire of their parents was to study medicine, but his bad behavior at school led to his expulsion from the Phillips Academy and joining the U.S. Navy.

When I was fighting in World War I, Bogart suffered in a boat accident that left him paralyzed his upper lip, making this a significant physical tara speech.

After completing the Great War, Bogart returned to the Big Apple and start his career as a stage actor with William S. Brady.
After passing through Broadway with little success he moved to Hollywood to try to seek his fortune in the movies, getting his debut in a short musical called “Broadway’s Like That” (1930), which would films like “A devil with women” (1930) and “Upstream” (1930), a prison comedy directed by John Ford.
His classic type of drive would be established in those years 30, when he starred for a number of Warner titles in the psychology of his characters had been defined by an attitude rarely inclement and imperturbable.

Among them, films like “Bullets or Ballots” (1936), William Keighley’s film co-starring Edward G. Robinson, “The Petrified Forest” (1936), a film by Archie Mayo which also involved Bette Davis and Leslie Howard, “Dead End” (1937), directed by William Wyler, “Marked Woman” (1937) Lloyd Bacon and Bette Davis, “The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse” (1938), a curious and magnificent title directed by Anatole Litvak in which they shared credits again with Edward G. Robinson, “Angels with Dirty Faces” (1938) by Michael Curtiz and James Cagney and Pat O’Brien as co-stars or “The Roaring Twenties” (1939), directed by Raoul Walsh film was played by Cagney.

Humphrey Bogart was a very handy player for Warner but his status was far from being a big star in Hollywood.
Begin the 40 was ended at 30, showing Bogie gangster in “Brother Orchid” (1940) Lloyd Bacon.
Before starring in the two titles that would raise to stardom, Bogart appeared in “They Drive by Night” (1940), a great film by a great director, Raould Walsh. With the same director starred “The last refuge” (1941), a beautiful title that became one of the most acclaimed of its protagonist, confirmed acclaim for starring in the directorial debut of John Huston, The Maltese Falcon ” (1941), film in which Bogart played in a superb detective Sam Spade. From there, the New York actor became one of the great icons of cinema.

Humphrey Bogart

The next year, “Casablanca” (1942) by Michael Curtiz would make him an idol and a legend for all generations moviegoers.

The number of master titles Bogart starred in the decade of the 40 is overwhelming, “Sahara” (1943) Zoltan Korda, “Have and Have Not” (1944), Howard Hawks key title, which helped him learn to love of her life, Lauren Bacall, “The Big Sleep” (1946), also directed by Hawks, “The Dark Passage” (1947) in Delmer Daves, “Dead Reckoning” (1947) John Cromwell, “Key Largo” ( 1948) by John Huston, The Treasure of Sierra Madre “(1948) again with Huston or” Knock on Any Door “(1949), a film co-starring John Derek and directed by Nicholas Ray.

Friendly, sports-loving, independent (had set up his own production company called Santana Pictures) and committed (he was one of the main supporters of the protest in Washington against the Witch Hunt), Bogie was also a celebrity and a beloved character out of the screen.

If the forties were good for his film career, the fifty continue the same course. “In a Lonely Place” (1950) by Nicholas Ray, “The African Queen” (1951) directed by his friend John Huston, “The Fourth Estate” (1952), a story about journalism signed by Richard Brooks, “The Barefoot Countess “(1954) by John L. Mankiewicz, “Beat the Devil” (1954) by John Huston, “The Caine Mutiny” (1954), directed by Edward Dmytryk title, “Sabrina” (1954) Billy Wilder, “Desperate Hours” (1955) by William Wyler and his latest film, the masterpiece by Mark Robson set in the world of boxing, “The Harder They Fall” (1956) assume the title of a recent extraordinary films.

For his performance in “The African Queen” (1951), Humphrey Bogart get the best actor Oscar, having as co-nomination for Montgomery Clift in “A Place in the Sun”, Marlon Brando for “A Streetcar Named Desire” Fredric March in “Death of a Salesman” and Arthur Kennedy’s “New Dawn”. His last nomination would be for “The Caine Mutiny”, getting the prize Marlon Brando for “On the Waterfront.”

Although married four times, the most important woman to always be Bogey Lauren Bacall, with whom he married in 1945. Was previously married to actress Helen Menken, Mary Phillips and Mayo Methot.
Bogie died on January 14, 1957 in Hollywood because of throat cancer. He was 58.

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